P o r t f o l i o :

Hi there friendly user, welcome to my portfolio, here you are going to find out some more information about me, the developer of myBudgetAI, what kind of skills do I have and what are my projects. This is temporarily my portofolio page because myBudgetAI is my first project, but when I'll start other project you will be able to see them from here. If anyone is interested in my services, they can mail me at jkv21contact@gmail.com. I wish you the best user experience you could ever have on my website.

Skill set:


Programming languages:

I know a handful of programming languages that I learned during the development of myBudgetAI (in the span of one month) and the main languages that I used to create this website are HTML, CSS and JS (JavaScript), but these aren't the only programming languages I know. I also know how to code with C++ and Python.



I was born in Barcelona Spain, my parents are originally from Romania, I've been to Manhattan, New York in the USA (United States of America), I've studied French in school and now I live in Sardinia (Sardegna), Italy. So as you can tell I also know a handful of languages and they are:

  • 1). English (10/10)
  • 2). Spanish (9/10)
  • 3). Italian (9/10)
  • 4). Romanian (9.5/10)
  • 5). French (8.5/10)

English is the language I use most often, is one of the languages I'm fluent in and so are Spanish, Italian and Romanian. French in the other way is just a language that I've learned in school so as you can tell I'm not as good in it as I'm in the other languages I've mentioned, but I can understand it and I can even make conversations if I try hard enough.



The majority of the things that I know (approximately 75%), I've learned by myself from the information I've managed to find on the internet, It's really amazing how much information we have availible on the internet but barely anyone uses it.


Hard working:

The projects that I've made, were done with hard work and I've done them all by myself the only help I've got was just some advice and support from my family. You don't have to wait for no one and nothing in order to achive your dreams, you just need to work hard for the things you want in life.


Team Work:

I can also be good in a team, but it really depends on the team's sinergy, after all a leader is no one without his team and a team is nothing without his leader. Nothing in this world actually works in chaos and it will never work.


myBudget myBudgetAI

myBudgetAI is my first and only website at this moment, I've started working on it on March 5 2020 and published BETA 0.1 on March 28 2020. I didn't really know how to code at the time that I've started working on the website so I've spent 3 - 5 days on learning the basics of the programming languages that I needed in order to code it. The programming languages that I've learned were: HTML, CSS and JS (JavaScript). I can't say that I've started working on myBudgetAI without an idea of what is programming and the basics of coding . Actually my first programming language that I've learned was C++ I've learned the basics of it from all the information I've managed to find on the internet in 1 day. I can't say it was easy but it helped me get an idea of what coding actually is. And so after barely one mounth of hard work I've managed to get my project in a good enough state in order for me to publish it.


I really think that in one way or another the fact that I've started doing the things that I like, combined with hard work and a burning will and desire to achive greatness will pay off. I know that I'm just getting started I'm really grateful for the things that life gave me even tho the last couple of years weren't as bright as the other ones. The most important lesson that I've learned during these hard times is that: you must do whatever it takes in order to achive your goals and that is why I've made myBudgetAI. I've made it to help people that struggle financially manage their budgets and maybe achive some of the things they wanted in life. But NOTHING in this life comes to you without hard work so, you must try the advice this website gives you before judging it's advice and don't expect it to work if you don't follow it.